Funny Avocado Egg Holders by Papershape

Super Easy Avocado Easter Eggs

March 30, 2019

Funny Avocado Egg Holders by Papershape

Psst… Can we be honest for a second? We’ve never tried avocado toast. OMG, please come back! We know we should have tried the most popular and hipster-ish food but, there’s something about having something green on top of bread that just ISN’T our jam. In fact, we’d totally prefer jam! Guacamole? LOVE it. Totally pay extra for it, but on toast? Sorry not sorry, we’re a hard pass BUT…

The whole avocado crafting thing that has popped up as the fruit has become increasingly popular in restaurants, on food blogs, and in home cook’s pantries is totally something we can get behind. Avocados are totally weird looking but at the same time cute. Like a weird alien space fruit, right?

So when we saw these too fun avocado egg holders over at Papershape we were instantly in love with them. All you need is a little bit of paper, some naturally brown eggs, and the freebies over at Papershape and BOOM! You’ve got a healthy treat inspired Easter Egg that we think would be just adorable on your Easter Brunch Buffet table. Plus, there’s no messy dye to deal with which can be pretty cool. Plus there’s even a video to help you create these guys along with the written tutorial on their site:


While the video is in German, and so is the website, you can use Google Chrome as your internet browser and it will conveniently translate the site into your preferred language! Say Auf Widersehen (goodbye in German!) to sweets inspired Easter treats and hello to the healthy Easter Egg Avocado!

Get the full tutorial at Papershape:

Avocado Egg Holders for Easter

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