DIY Knit Shower Turban with My Poppet

Shower Turban Knitting Pattern

February 15, 2019

DIY Knit Shower Turban with My Poppet

If you’re anything like me, you absolutely love all sorts of pampering products. Facemasks are totally my thing and I love them so much. Like, So. Much. But I often find myself walking pulling my hair up into a pony the next day and find where I’ve got green clay stuck in my hair from where it brushed up against my face during my before bed beauty routine.

This shower turban looks super easy to knit and it would definitely keep hair up and out of the way for face masks or makeup application. Bonus points that it will also help soak up the water from your hair post-shower which should make blowdrying your ‘do even faster!

Get the full tutorial at My Poppet:

Shower Turban Knitting Pattern

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