DIY Shrink Plastic Rainbow Necklaces at Make and Tell

Shrink plastic is one of the most fun crafts for kids of all time. I remember the first time the littles and I put some of their randomly created shapes and images into the oven the excitement and surprise when they watched this stuff curl up only to shrink down to these flat and amazing little things. Because all little kids love little things don’t they? That day we literally went through the entire pack I purchased and the next morning set out bright and early for the craft store for even more.

If you have rainbow or unicorn loving kiddos around, I am going to guess that these DIY shrink plastic rainbow pendants from Make and Tell are going to go over a storm with your crowd. Heck, I’m mostly an adult and I’m about to flip.

Get the fabulous tutorial at Make and Tell:

DIY Shrink Plastic Rainbow Necklaces



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