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“Rainbow Bubbles Sensory Play”

Rainbow Soap Foam Bubbles Sensory Play by Fun at Home with Kids

These days sensory play crafts are totally on trend and I couldn’t be happier. Though I love technology and the fun it affords me via apps and games and gadgets I often worry that the littles in my life can become too engrossed in it. Anything that gets them outside or “unplugging” is going to go down a storm in my book. Add in a little bit of rainbow action and those littles just might have to scootch over and share their crafty fun with me! 🙂

Full of colorful rainbow goodness and sure to help your kiddos unplug are these rainbow soap bubbles that look like the best kind of sensory play. The project is simple enough and you’re quite likely to have everything you need already on hand. This is truly an awesome little project!

Get the full tutorial at Fun at Home with Kids:

Rainbow Soap Foam Bubbles Sensory Play



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