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“Pink & White Animal Cookie Fudge Recipe”

Animal Crackers Fudge Recipe from Paper & Stitch

This summer my nephew decided that it was time that we had a chat about the best cookies out there. As it turns out, hands down, his favorite are frosted animal cookies. You know, those pink and white elephants and lion and other cuties with little nonpareil sprinkles dotting them? Yeah, apparently THOSE are the best possible cookie in the whole, wide world.

And then one day we found animal cookie ice cream and the kid about flipped. Can you imagine how excited he’s going to be when I bring this amazingly fun looking homemade animal cookie fudge recipe from over at Paper & Stitch? Unless he’s fickle like his auntie, he will totally flip!

Get the full tutorial at Paper & Stitch:

Animal Cracker Fudge Recipe



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