DIY Light Up Robot Costume by Bugaboo City

When I was the best Halloween costumes were the homemade ones. At the store they had outfits that were glorified trash bags, plastic sheaths printed to look like a popular character and a hard, plastic mask with an elastic band to secure it to your face. I had a few of these costumes but they were never my favorites. Instead it was the ones my grandmother would plan out and sew for me.

So when I saw this crazy detailed robot costume with hand cut gears and arrows and even LIGHTS it was so impressive, so amazing and something I totally wished I had a robot loving little to make it for. This project isn’t for the faint of heart when it comes to a sewing machine, but if you’ve got the skills, you’ll have the cutest robot on the block come the 31st.

Get the highly detailed tutorial for this DIY costume at Bugaboo City:

DIY Light-Up Robot Costume



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