Easy Chalkboard Easter Eggs by Club Chica Circle

Easy Chalkboard Easter Eggs

April 3, 2019

Easy Chalkboard Easter Eggs by Club Chica Circle

Remember when chalkboard paint was just straight up black? And for ages, that’s all any of us crafted or DIY-ed with in spite of the fact that not all of us are black decor kind of people. I mean, a traditional chalkboard looks great if you’re rocking farmhouse decor, but maybe if you’ve got a design style that’s more contemporary, it just might not fit in anywhere.

And remember how after a while everybody was sharing their recipes to MAKE colorful chalkboard paint? Heck, I did that more than a time or two. You get your paint mixed up, add in a bunch of plaster of Paris or calcium citrate and then stir, stir, stir that business up. It worked but it was kind of the pits if you don’t like to stir things. Being incredibly unathletic, it was always NOT high on my fave crafts list. Lucky for us with the chicken wings, companies heard the call and started making chalk paint to buy. Huzzah. And these days, we all buy it because, why the heck not? the old DIY way stank.

If you’re looking for an adorably colorful chalkboard craft for this Easter, we’re truly digging these super fun chalkboard Easter eggs, so be sure to check out the deets, including paint colors at Club Chica Circle.

Get the full tutorial at Club Chica Circle:

Easy Chalkboard Easter Eggs

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