Gorgeous Hand Painted Bud Vases by Pillar Box Blue

DIY Hand Painted Bud Vases

March 6, 2019
Gorgeous Hand Painted Bud Vases by Pillar Box Blue
Fresh flowers are such an amazing thing to add to make a little house a cozy home and it’s one of my little “just for me” splurges every once in a while. So when I saw these gorgeous hot pink roses in a row of gorgeous pink vases I wanted to see where everything came from. I was super pleased when I realized that this vase set was totally DIY making it totally within my home decor budget!
The process is simple enough, the supplies fairly basic, but the final impact when loaded up with matching fresh flowers is undeniably on point.

Get the full tutorial at Pillar Box Blue:

Hand Painted Bud Vases

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